Gulf Race Fuels curbs environmental impact with new offset program

Gulf Race Fuels has launched a new offset program that will see the motorsport brand positively contribute to reducing CO2 for every litre of fuel it sells by purchasing Gold Standard certified carbon offsets. The initiative sees Gulf look to lead the way for performance fuel companies, by kickstarting action towards sustainability and carbon offsetting. 

Gulf Race Fuels has identified a formula for the numbers of Gold Standard-certified carbon credits required to offset each litre of fuel sold. In addition to this, Gulf will also fund tree-planting projects in helping to future-proof and build the CO2 absorption capacity of our planet. The Gold Standard carbon offset and tree planting investments will allow Gulf to more than compensate for the impact of the fuel sold and used. 

“We understand the need to protect the environment and we don’t see ourselves as just a high-performance motorsport fuel supplier. We also want to achieve success off of the track and this initiative allows us to do that,” Says Mark Ticen, Director, Gulf Race Fuels. 

We’re conscious of the ongoing pressures – both environmental and legislative – to reduce carbon footprints. Offsetting our sales by purchasing carbon credits allows us to be part of a global solution.  

McLaren has planted 116 number of trees to help offset carbon footprint with Gulf Race Fuels

Gulf Pro Fuels launches ultra-pure alkylate gasoline range

Gulf Pro Fuels has launched a new ultra-pure alkylate gasoline range for use in two and fourstroke spark ignition engines. High-quality, ecologically-sound and almost completely free from hazardous compounds, the fuel burns 99% cleaner than regular pump petrol. Available in two variations, Gulf Pro 2T and Gulf Pro 4T, users benefit from better performance, easier starting and lower carbon deposits. As alkylate fuels are more stable than regular petrol, Gulf Pro Fuels can be stored for long periods of time without damaging the engine. 

Gulf Pro 2T – A ready-mixed blend of alkylate gasoline with a biodegradable two-stroke oil (50:1 ratio), Gulf Pro 2T is the perfect option for two-stroke spark ignition engines. The fuel ensures optimum lubrication at all temperatures and guarantees minimal emissions. 

Gulf Pro 4T – Clean burning, ecologically-sound and odourless during combustion, Gulf Pro 4T is the ideal choice for all non-highway four-stroke engines including lawnmowers, go-karts, motocross bikes, leisure boats and generators. 

Marc Wesler, Sales Manager at Gulf Pro Fuels, commented: “Our new ultra-pure alkylate gasoline range provides optimum combustion at all engine speeds and temperatures. Almost completely free of hazardous compounds, such as benzene and other aromatic hydrocarbons, it’s a clean, safe option for the environment. 

“Compared to regular pump petrol, Gulf Pro 2T and 4T leave fewer carbon deposits. This dramatically reduces maintenance requirements and increases engine reliability. What’s more, thanks to the fuel’s stability, it can be left in tanks over winter without risk of engine corrosion or microbial growth.” 

For more information about Gulf Pro Fuels, or to explore the latest range, 


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