Gulf was founded back in 1901, but we’re very much a contemporary and forward-thinking company. In fact we’re the fastest growing lubricant business in the world, and currently operate in over 100 countries.

From lubricants to filters, from car care products to retail fuel stations, Gulf offers a huge array of products and services in territories across the globe. Whatever sector you work in, whatever your requirements for your vehicles, we have the capabilities to meet them.

Thanks to our commitment to our customers across the globe, we have been named ‘Downstream Oil Company of the Year 2016 – UK’ in the prestigious Global Energy Oil and Gas Awards 2016. Gulf Oil truly is an award-winning partner for your business.


Gulf is part of the Hinduja Group, one of the largest diversified business groups in the world. The Group spans all the continents, with offices in many of the world’s key cities, and employs over 70,000 people.

The Hinduja Group is a careful custodian of Gulf’s high-quality products and unrivalled pedigree. Under their leadership, Gulf has gone from strength to strength, while passionately promoting the heritage of the Gulf brand.

Founded by Shri P.D Hinduja in 1914, The Hinduja group now operates in 35 countries across various industry sectors and in 1944 they opened the Hinduja Foundation dedicated to charitable and philanthropic activities.


The Beginning: Going under

Gulf launches the world’s first ever water drilling operation

Venezuela Adventure

Gulf establishes a presence in the oil fields of Venezuela

The Man at Le Mans

Steve McQueen’s movie ‘Le Mans’ brings prestige to the brand

The Hinduja Group

The Hinduja Group acquires Gulf brand to become Gulf Oil International


We may have a 100-year strong heritage in the fuel and lubricant sector, but we still maintain the youthful and fresh approach of a challenger brand. We’re going the extra mile to inspire loyalty and trust in our customers, partners and employees. And as the world changes, we are agile and flexible enough to change too.
We have big ambitions for the future. By 2020 we will:

  • Be recognised as a top 10 global downstream company within the oil industry – for value, volumes, earnings and brand recognition
  • Grow by implementation of meaningful customer value propositions, combined with innovative product development and technical solutions
  • Double our manufacturing, marketing and sales of Gulf-branded products
  • Enhance the development of Gulf¹s branded fuel station network, in its journey of growth from its origins in 5 countries to more than 60.

We will achieve this by being flexible, reliable and responsive – driven by the needs of the many emerging economies. We will ensure that our customers – through our ability to add value to them – remain our priority.

We will nurture the passion of our employees and grow the talent in the Gulf Businesses. We will ensure we are responsible both to society and to the world in which we live. We provide the highest quality products and services to our clients by constantly focusing on our three core values, Quality, Endurance and Passion.


  • We produce quality products to meet market demands
  • Our products exceed the latest industry standards
  • All products are subjected to strict audit procedures to ensure consistent high quality.


  •  Our products and services perform consistently for longer than the competition.


  • Our brand exudes a winning mentality We’re truly flexible and our genuine commitment to go the extra mile sets our brand, our people and our products apart.



We work closely with a number of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), working with them to develop new products and to get them to market. By taking a flexible approach, we make sure the end users get authentic and superior products, and OEMs get to reach as wide an audience as possible, thanks to our distribution network.

From the initial product formulation, through the selection of raw material – base oils and additives – to its blending and manufacturing facilities, Gulf’s rigorous checks for all of its products ensure that their quality is matched only by the service that you receive. We strive to reach the best standards throughout.

Our products are manufactured at ISO 9001 certified facilities – a measure of the robust systems and processes that they employ. The importance that Gulf places on the quality of its plants has resulted in key facilities receiving TS16949 certification – a more stringent quality system requirement even than those specified by the automotive OEMs – which means that you can always be assured that the Gulf product you choose is more than up to the task at hand.


Thanks to our commitment to our customers across the globe, we have been named ‘Downstream Oil Company of the Year 2016 – UK’ in the prestigious Global Energy Oil and Gas Awards 2016. Gulf Oil truly is an award-winning partner for your business.

Gulf achieves agility and flexibility through exclusively downstream activities, with no upstream operations, which, as Frank Rutten (Vice President – International) explains, allows it to remain stable despite the global oil crisis.

“As a downstream focused group Gulf Oil International is immune to some of the fluctuations in crude oil pricing, meaning that whilst many firms are only focused on cutting costs and overall profitability, we are able to look towards investing in new technologies and being open to new ideas. Investment in marketing, research and development and infrastructure such as blending plants ensures our ongoing success, and we are not afraid to invest in order to reap the rewards later. As part of this approach we are always seeking customer feedback and implementing any changes which will ensure that they receive the services that they need.


Gulf Oil international no longer operates any oil fields, pipelines or refineries, which are so often a major cause for environmental concern. The fuel and oil distribution systems are all designed to avoid product release and, in the case of an unforeseen accident, to contain any spillage so that the accident site can be correctly remediated.